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Governmental Authorized Activities

The State of Minnesota has determined that for public safety certain work must be regulated or limited by statute and regulation.  ARNAN and its related entities maintain the following governement certifications and licenses for the work it does.


ARNAN is Licensed by the State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry as a Technology Contractor to install, alter, repair, plan, lay out, and supervise the installing, altering, and repairing of technology systems throughout the entire State of Minnesota.


ARNAN has a Certificate of Authority issued by the State of Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to provide facilities based services under the ICB tarriff throughout the entire State of Minnesota.


  • Minnesota Statutes §237.16 and §237.74: “No person shall provide telephone service in Minnesota without first obtaining a determination that the person possesses the technical, managerial, and financial resources to provide the proposed telephone services…” Note: the above statutes do not limit “telephone service” to voice service only, and can include data.

  • Minnesota Statutes §237.23: “It shall be unlawful for any telephone company, corporation, person, partnership, or association subject to the provisions of this chapter to purchase or acquire the property, capital stock, bonds, securities, or other obligations, or the franchises, rights, privileges, and immunities of any telephone company doing business within the state without first obtaining the consent of the commission thereto…”

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